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"Ken has tremendous ability to effectively communicate life changing leadership principles to adults & young people alike. He has had a profound impact on the coaches, players and staff both personally & professionally."

Tony Dungy, NFL Analyst & Former Indianapolis Colts Coach



"Ken Johnson has made a significant impact on my life personally and on our church corporately. He’s a man of the Word and a man of his word! I highly recommend his ministry."

Ron Bontrager, Lead Pastor Lakeview Church


"Having Traveled Along side Ken Johnson as CEO of Emerging Eagles, I have seen both the man on and off the stage. He is a man that cares nothing about fame, but simply wants to change the world by the gifts that God has given him.

Kendall KD Johnson, Founder & President of All Things Social LLC, MGC (Media Geeks Conference) & KD Johnson Worldwide Ministries


"Ken simply communicates with passion, power and sincerity. In his presentations, he reaches youngsters where they are, with language and illustrations they relate to...He connects and makes a difference because he is real!"

Clark Kellogg, College Basketball Analyst & Former NBA Player



“First and foremost, Ken Johnson is a husband and a father. As a young man who grew up with minimal parental influence, and as a successful parent today, Ken passionately speaks to both sides of the parental equation.”

Mike Singletary, NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker & Assistant Coach, MN Vikings



"Ken's gift of singing and dynamic style of speaking are a unique combination that has allowed him to impact audiences all over this country. Whether it's a school assembly, a banquet or a community outreach there is no one better. I love Ken Johnson and will forever be grateful for the influence he has had on my life and the ministry of FCA."

Donnie Dee,

Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes


“He is a big reason why my foundation and the Lord is where it is and why my maturity level is where it is.”

Tarik Glenn, Former NFL Player, Indianapolis Colts



I have lived with Ken Johnson for 30 years and I know firsthand his love & passion for people. His desire is to reach those who are in great need through motivation & giving a hand up. If you want a great communicator who can reach your audience no matter where you come from, this is the guy!”

Della Johnson, Ken’s wife


“One of the most gifted communicators I have ever heard. Ken deals cross culturally and generationally.”

Dr. Al Long, Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University and owner of Working Together, Inc.




Welcome to the website for Ken Johnson and Emerging Eagles! Ken is a speaker, chaplain and equipper who wants to help you and your church, organization or school begin to soar as Emerging Eagles. As you click around on this site, we pray that your hope will increase and you will begin your own Journey toward Excellence.

Ken communicates with passion, power and sincerity. He deals cross culturally and generational.

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“Our Mission"



1. Sunday morning services.

2. Workshops for church & ministry leaders.

3. Couples retreats & conferences.

4. Men's Groups.

5. Concerts & Special Music.

6. School Assemblies, College Events




Emerging Eagles and the P2FS programs are designed with one simple, although staggering, goal in mind:


To help others overcome adversity by providing information, tools and most importantly sharing the hope of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, Empowering and equipping people to lead and help others FINISH STRONG.


Emerging Eagles desires to expand their service offerings and business model through a newly developed “Power 2 Finish Strong” Portal Via The Portal will be a convenient on- line service designed to capture and deliver the existing Emerging Eagles content (lessons designed to help others Finish Strong) to thousands worldwide. Emerging Eagles believes this new on-line service must strategically contain four essential elements; duplication, replication, portability and affordability.





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